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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Type 1 Guardium STAP for Guardium/Vormetric Data Encryption

by John Haldeman, Security Practice Lead

Today we open sourced a custom STAP for integrating Guardium Database Activity Monitoring and Guardium/Vormetric Data Encryption. This custom STAP can be found at the following GitHub repository:

Guardium Database Activity Monitoring (Guardium DAM) and Guardium/Vormetric Data Encryption (Guardium/Vormetric DE) do a great job of working together to help audit and control the access to sensitive data in databases. This custom STAP receives syslog events sent from Guardium/Vormetric DE agents, translates those messages into the Guardium Universal Feed protocol, and transmits the data to a Guardium DAM collector for reporting and alerting.