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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Three Basic Reports in Guardium That Always Seem to Be Reused

by John Haldeman, Security Practice Lead

Guardium has extensive reporting capabilities. You can build a variety of reports to view the data in a lot of different ways. That being said, after working with Guardium for some time you may notice that there are a few reports that get reused over and over again as the basis for other reports. The columns in these reports hardly change. Instead the criteria are refined after they are cloned.

I contend that there are really three report definitions in Guardium that can provide the basis for 80% of the reports that customers require. As such, I tend to create those base reports first so that I can reuse their definitions over and over again. If you are starting out in Guardium you might find these useful. If you have three base reports that you know work, you won't have to struggle building them from scratch which includes picking the correct main entity for the report and only including fields that make sense.